Retail Locations


Kamstra's Garden Centre, Oshawa, ON

Closed for the season, im coming back early spring 2020

Mosiac Creative, Oshawa, ON

The Nooks, Port Hope, ON

Simcoe Street Market, Beaverton, ON

TrueNorth Daylillies, Warkworth, ON

Closed for the season, i'm coming back June 2020

Rustically Signed, Lindsay, ON

Markets By Dreamday, Bowmanville, ON

Openning April, 2020

Upcoming Events



K9 Crusaders Spring Market

Port Hope Town Park Rec Centre

10am -3pm

Saturday May 9, 2020




City of Oshawa Peony Festival

Children's Arena

Saturday June 13 and Sunday June 14, 2020





Oshawa Center

Saturday July 18, 2020

My Story

From a very young age, I was always attracted to lots of color and  sparkle. I loved fashion and art, but not the normal kind. I was always drawn to  things that made you stop and think, or made you different than everyone else.

Recycling  became a big part of my life when I saw what beautiful items were being thrown into the landfills.  Items from the past that no one uses  anymore.   

One day at a market in Kingston, I  noticed the sun glistening off of a glass piece and it really stuck with me how beautiful and sparkly it was. I realized it was actually an old plate and that’s how my garden art evolved.   I said “Why Not?  I can re-create this into something, and that’s how  Why Not Re-Creations began, back in September 2018. I always try to use some recycled material in all my creations and custom orders are welcome.


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